Understanding the spirit of Jezebel - Part 3

Blog poThe spirit of Jezebel is a messenger of Satan, a type of Evil that is still plaguing the Church of Jesus by slaying anointed men of God and leading Churches in the wrong direction through evil counsel and demonic authority. Read the Blog Series and be aware, be enlightened.


Pastor Sumeet MJ

2/1/20223 min read

These are a part of mature series of Bible Study and Literature. Do pray and ask the Holy Spirit to make you fully aware of the topic, its essence, its application and be equipped with strong knowledge of deeper truths.

Seducing and Sexual Immorality are the other marks of the spirit of Jezebel. Developing a good sense of spiritual discerning can help us identify these attributes in a person and escape the entrapment.

Understanding the spirit of Jezebel - Part 3

Hope you have read the Part 1 and Part 2 (Understanding the spirit of Jezebel - Part 1 / Understanding the spirit of Jezebel - Part 2) in this Blog series. If not, please follow the links to it and re-visit this Post again for a clear understanding on the subject.

The spirit of Jezebel as we see in the Old Testament, reappears again in the Church of Thyatira mentioned by our Lord Jesus in the Book of Revelations in the New Testament.

Revelations 2:20 Nevertheless I have a few things against you, because you allow that woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess, to teach and seduce My servants to commit sexual immorality and eat things sacrificed to idols.

Here we find the same things repeated as in the Old Testament where Jezebel is mentioned along with a another sin that was left out - Sexual Immorality.

Here too, Servants of God are the Target, Witchcraft and Idolatry are the methods, seducing and sexual immorality are the traps of defilement used by Jezebel (a type of woman) to bring down the Servants of God.

So we find that the Jezebel spirit is a threat to the Church of God and it's growth. We will now see how to overcome and secure ourselves from the spirit of Jezebel.

  • Word of God & Prayer will help us with spiritual weapons to disempower the spirit of Jezebel by Divine Intervention.

  • The Spirit upon Elijah or the Anointing of Elijah or in other words the Anointing of the Holy Spirit (Acts 10:38) can break and shatter the spirit of Jezebel. Elijah anointed Elisha who prophesied Jehu to be King and execute Jezebel. God’s Anointing can destroy Jezebel by divine strategy.

  • Strong family life and unity can deter and expose the plans of the spirit of Jezebel against Servants of God. This can prevent sexual immorality.

  • Servants of God must identify and take their spiritual authority and cast the woman Jezebel (one who rebels, challenges authority etc) out of the Church before things go out of hand.

Servants of God are most vulnerable at their lowest times, during a emotional distress or while going through some depression. During such times, we should Guard our Heart to be present with the Lord and abide by the Word. During such an attack, we must have someone to speak out the danger and find spiritual solace and guidance, it could be our spouse, a close spiritual associate or friend or mentor or relative.

During my years as a Pastor, I have seen and heard about many such sad cases of the attacks of the spirit of Jezebel on God’s Servants. I am writing a few incidents,

A Pastor was controlled by his wife in all Church activities. She decides who he should pray for, to which person he should talk, even the sermon the Pastor must preach was dictated by his wife. A case of clear domination that made the Pastor a puppet and eventually split the Church.

A powerful prophet blessed with the gifts of the Holy Spirit fell into Sexual Immorality with a married woman. He thought her to be a Prophetess, a spiritual counsellor better than his wife. A repeat of what happened in Revelations 2:19

These are only a few incidents and there is more to say. I pray that all of God's Servants may be shielded and guarded and their ministry to stand strong and flourish.

We can overcome the enemy and the first step is to Identify and Expose. I did just that! Amen!