The spirit of Jezebel - Part 2

The spirit of Jezebel is a messenger of Satan, a type of Evil that is still plaguing the Church of Jesus by slaying anointed men of God and leading Churches in the wrong direction through evil counsel and demonic authority. Read the Blog Series and be aware, be enlightened.


Pastor Sumeet MJ

1/29/20222 min read

These are a part of mature series of Bible Study and Literature. Do pray and ask the Holy Spirit to make you fully aware of the topic, its essence, its application and be equipped with strong knowledge of deeper truths.

Disrespecting, Disregarding and Dishonoring Spiritual Authority is a mark of the "spirit of Jezebel".

Understanding the spirit of Jezebel - Part 2

Hope you have read the Part 1 (Understanding the spirit of Jezebel - Part 1) in this Blog series. If not, please follow the links to it and re-visit this Post again for a clear understanding on the subject.

Satan’s Kingdom also follows a hierarchy and order. In the hierarchy, the Jezebel spirit is in a high order. Some other serious characteristics of this spirit are as follows:

  • The Jezebel spirit is a spirit of Evil and Wicked Dominion. It is dominating and authoritative in nature.

  • It not only operates in and through a person but also in groups of persons, by organizations, political parties, governments, government heads, etc,

  • The Jezebel spirit targets not the ordinary believers but Christian Leaders and Ministers. It challenges their ministerial authority, power, and even hinders operations of Powerful men of God. If you know of a man of God who is used powerfully in the ministry, you can be sure that the Jezebel spirit would be somewhere around waiting to target and attack.

  • The Jezebel spirit is blood-thirsty by nature. It feeds on the blood of gullible and innocent God’s ministers and prophets. (Ref: 1 Kings 18:4)

  • The Jezebel spirit is highly into Idolatry (all types of visible, invisible types of Idolatry of the Body, Mind and Soul) and Witchcraft (Ref: 1 Kings 16:31, 2 Kings 9:22)

Out of all the characteristics defined above and in the Part 1 blog post, it should be noted that all or a few qualities out of the above listed ones can be found in persons operating in this spirit. It's better for a person to identify if he or she is relating to any of these features, repent and ask the Lord to deliver by a change of heart and mind.

In Part 3 of this series, we will meditate on how to safeguard ourselves from this kind of spirit.

To be continued...