Our Vision….. …………..to make the Gentiles obedient (to the Gospel). - Romans 15:18
  • SEARCH & REACH the unreached

    • Pray and Look for opportunities

    • Connect with the others

    • Develop Partner relationships

  • PREACH the Gospel to the gentiles

    • Gospel Meetings - public places/ weekly meetings / home prayer groups

    • Revival meetings to unreached people groups

    • Composed Songs (praise & worship)

  • TEACH the Gospel to build a strong commitment to the Truth

    • Unbiased Bible Study

    • Exposit Current Christian trends & establishments

    • Warn about current trends that are opposing to the truth

    • Bible teaching and empowerment

    • Discipleship & Mentoring

  • CONVINCE about the Truth

    • Produce testimonial videos of Shofar Miracles

    • Convince without hurting other religious beliefs & traditions.

    • Use divine revelations

    • Use of divine empowerment – (through prayer & intercession)

  • DEMONSTRATE the Power of the Holy Spirit

    • Operate in the power of the Holy Spirit

    • Operate in the gifts of the Holy Spirit

    • Operate in the fruit of the Holy Spirit

  • BUILD God’s Kingdom

    • Church Plantation

    • Bible College

    • Strong and dependable inter-connections with Churches that are planted

gray stones
gray stones
blue and brown desk globe
blue and brown desk globe