About Dr.Sumeet Manakan J

Founder, Shofar Tabernacle Ministries

Dr. Sumeet Manakan J is an Apostle of Faith, a Theologian, a Philosopher and thinker, a Church Planter and Pastor, a Mentor and a Spiritual Father to many.

His unique gift is a compassionate approach towards the lost, suffering and afflicted. One of his favorite quotes goes like this – “my ministry’s call is run after people who are in distress not after people who are comfortable.” Since his call in the year 2009, he has rescued scores of individuals by wisdom, word and prayer.

Dr. Sumeet is married to Sabitha, who is also actively involved in ministry, they have 2 kids – E Jacob Sumeet, 19 years old and E John Sumeet, 15 years old. Both his children are also active serving the LORD in music and volunteering. Jacob is doing his degree in Multimedia Animation and John his +2.

Dr.Sumeet stays in the city of Hyderabad, Telangana, India.


Academic and Theological Qualifications

Dr. Sumeet’s academic qualifications are a “Masters Degree in Business Administration” and numerous other IT Software courses. His theological qualifications are a “Bachelor of Christian Studies (BCS)” from Andhra Christian Theological College (ACTC), the university of Serampore, West Bengal (William Carey) and a Doctrate from another theological college, IICM, Chennai.

Corporate and Ministry Experience

Before accepting the Call of God in the year 2009, Dr. Sumeet served in the IT Industry for 12 years as a BFSI (Banking Financial and Services Industry) Domain Expert. He worked in top positions reporting to CEO’s and executing several mission critical projects in the Banking Industry.

However, his passion for the Gospel took the better side of him in the year 2009 and since then over the last 14 years, the LORD has gradually promoted him from being a Evangelist, to a Pastor and presently as an Apostle and Teacher.

“There is no such thing as “Failure”, there is no such as “Bad”, everything that happens to us is a lesson to learn.” – Sumeet Manakan J

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