Dr. Sumeet MJ

Dr. Sumeet MJ is a renowned Bible Teacher, Prophet and Pastor to the Global Flock around the World. He was called to Ministry at an early age of 24 years and since then has served the LORD with a great Passion and Commitment surpassing all odds and challenges along the way.

His Passion for the Presence of God and his hunger to know more about Him became the reason for the resignation from a lucrative 12 year experience in the field of IT (Information Technology) as a "Banking Domain (BFSI) Expert" in the Year 2009.

Today, scores of people whether Saved or Unsaved Love him for his warmth, caring and compassionate concern, guidance, counsel and prayer to them. His ministry has seen the fruit of lasting transformation, authentic miracles, healings and revival over the years.


July 19th 2000 was the day when he was "enlightened" to the Truth in God. The LORD convicted him of all his personal sins and he chose to abandon every wrong way on this day. Before this happened, the LORD began his work in his life after a small prayer that he made after reading a book titled "Holy Spirit, my Senior Partner" by Dr.Paul Yongi Cho. His life turned so dramatically after this day, that the LORD directed him towards a strong spiritual fellowship and eventually in ministry under the guidance of experienced mentors.

His call today is to make the nations into believing in the truth in Jesus Christ, bring Inner Healing and develop strong disciples that can in turn build the Kingdom of God.

Apart from his secular Post Graduate Degree in M.B.A (Master of Business Administration), Dr. Sumeet is accredited with credible Theological degrees and education and voluntary training under strong and experienced mentors.

He currently resides in the city of Hyderabad. He is married to Sabitha who serves alongside him in full-time Ministry and is blessed with two children Jacob and John studying 12th and 9th respectively.